Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gifts with Meaning

We're excited to announce that Trade as One will be a part of this year's Make Something Parties on Sunday, December 6th. If you haven't already read through these posts (do it! there's some good stuff down there!), the ethos behind these parties is to add personal meaning and significance to the gifts we give at Christmas. In addition to handmade gifts and gifts of presence, another way to add meaning and significance to our gifts is to buy Fair Trade. Fair Trade uses our spending power to give sustainable jobs to the poorest of the poor, the woman freed from trafficking, the person with HIV/AIDS. Fair Trade is a way to vote for treating the poor with dignity by paying them a living wage, by insisting that environmental principles are respected, by ensuring that children are educated not used for labor.

This Christmas, we’re trying to rediscover the role that gifts played in the first Christmas. If you look at the gifts the wise men brought Jesus, you’ll see that they were imbued with great meaning.

Gold – for a king.

Frankinscence – for worship.

Myrrh – used in burial.

These gifts spoke prophetically about Jesus’ life. So the opportunity here is to buy a gift for someone that they’ll love, and in so doing tell a story of redemption. It’s a way to use our Christmas purchasing to be Good News to the poor. So come and see what we're doing, make a gift, buy a Fair Trade gift, and tell a powerful story this Christmas.

I'm including our video, so that you can see a bit more about what we do, and (hopefully) pass it on to your friends:

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